Our knowledgeable staff strives to make each and every event a success, building trust with our clients.

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Joe Pokojni


Dave Dougherty
Project Manager

Joe has been in the pro audio and production business since 1979. He has owned Blue Chip since 1998. 

Sunset Over New York City

Ben Jones
Lead Tech

Ben Just started August 2021, he is a graduate of Kutztown University.  

I was born a small Norwegian child. I grew up on the Ice Fjords. Where my Papa taught me to farm ice at the ripe young age of 4. He was an okay father. He was actually a polar bear. He was not the most tender of fathers but his protection of us was second to none. Eventually I left the fjords and went on to play semi pro minor league hockey. I was not that good at that. So I found this random company Blue Chip Sound and have been faking it till I make it ever since. 

Wooden Ladder